FiveDBU is a DataBase Utility for the Cloud:

FiveDbu is being built using FiveWeb and our intention is to provide it to you as an example of FiveWeb use so you can see for yourself how easy to use and learn FiveWeb is.

FiveDBU Architecture

1. a default.htm file that provides the main menu and includes the fiveweb.js (funcions and classes) and fivedbu.js (source code of fivedbu based on FiveWeb)

2. fiveweb.js is a javascript file that provides the FiveWeb functions and GUI classes for the web client side and to access the remote server functionality

3. fivedbu.js is a javascript file that provides the main logic of FiveDBU

Main menu



Creates a new DBF file


Opens an existing DBF file



Access this wiki documentation


Shows the FiveDBU about info

See Also

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