FiveGen is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) for the Cloud: (send an email to to request beta-tester access)

FiveGen is being built using FiveWeb and it generates FiveWeb based apps

FiveGen Dictionaries

FiveGen uses these dictionaries to build and manage your application:

Interface components:

MenuThe main menu of your app
FormsThe forms used in your app
BrowsesThe browses used in your app
ReportsThe reports used in your app

Functionality components:

VariablesPublic variables of your app
ScriptsProcesses to be used in your app

FiveGen Methods

These methods are built-in FiveGen and provide a great RAD functionality for your apps:

Browse( cDbfName )Launches a generic FiveGen browse for a given DBF filename
BrowseBrowses()Launches the FiveGen browses designer
BrowseForms()Launches the FiveGen forms designer
BrowseMenu()Launches the FiveGen menu designer
Form( cFormName )Shows a form defined from the FiveGen dictionaries
Go()Launches your app main menu
Quit()Ends the application and returns to FiveGen
Script( cScriptName )Executes the specified script from the FiveGen dictionaries

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