1. What is FiveTouch ?

it is a new product developed by FiveTech Software that allows you to build apps for Android and Apple without having to learn the tools from Google and Apple and without having to invest time and effort in learning new programming languages, as FiveTouch uses Harbour and QT, so it allows you to build your app from the tablet itself, or to create it from a PC and later you can send by email your app PRG to execute it on Android (in example: you copy the PRG code from an email and then paste it in the FiveTouch source code editor).

Thanks to Harbour and QT we can use the same source code on Windows, Android y iOS, so you can develop an application that works on FiveTouch and its source code will run the same on all of them.

#include ""
function Main()
   MsgInfo( "Hello world from Harbour iOS" )   
return nil


We offer a FiveTouch developer version that includes the same tools that we use and training to learn to use them for yourself, this way you can create your own APKs for Android ans iPAs for the iPhone and and iPad. You can review FiveTouch prices at and you can order it by PayPal to In any moment you can migrate from the basic version to the developer version, paying the difference. The idea is that once your app is properly working on FiveTouch you may want to create your own APK to sell it in the market or if you don’t want to include the FiveTouch source code into your final app.

FiveTouch is a sort of a modern dBase for Android e iOS. You build your PRGs and FiveTouch will execute them. Same as we were used to work with dBase. Soon it will allow to encrypt your PRGs so you can protect your source code.

Also if you name your PRG as init.prg is will be executed instead of FiveTouch, so FiveTouch will not be seen, so just your app will be executed when the user presses the FiveTouch icon from the tablet or phone.

2. FiveTouch functions

3. FiveTouch Developer Edition


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