FiveWeb is a set of classes and functions to easy and speed up the applications development for the Web. It is highly inspired in the FiveWin syntax and coding style, so you will find yourself very comfortable using it. (this is just a demo of FiveWeb use)

FiveWeb uses HTML + CSS + JavaScript on the client side, and PHP on the server side.

FiveWeb architecture

On the client side

1. A HTML default file, with a required CSS styles file, that uses yourapp.js and fiveweb.js

2. yourapp.js is a JavaScript set of functions (and classes) that builds the interface of your app, and it is based on fiveweb.js functionality

3. fiveweb.js provides the GUI components and the DataBase required local functions

On the server side

1. A set of PHP modules that interface with the DataBase and Tables and perform the required DataBase mainteinance

2. DBF files or MySQL DataBase with Tables. You can select any of them based on your needs

On a next stage we will support ASP files on the server and Microsoft SQL server too

FiveWeb Public variables

oDlgThe current used dialogbox. FiveWeb automatically saves and restore nested dialogboxes

FiveWeb functions

MsgAbout( cAppName, cAuthor )Shows the app name and company info
MsgInfo( cMsg )Shows a message
MsgYesNo( cMsg, OnYes )Shows a question with a Yes/No options

FiveWeb classes

Button( nTop, nLeft, cText, oDlg, nWidth, nHeight, cAction )Builds a BUTTON control
Dialog( cTitle, nWidth, nHeight )Builds and shows a dialogbox
Frame( nTop, nLeft, cSource, oDlg, nWidth, nHeight )Builds a FRAME control
Get( nTop, nLeft, cText, oDlg, nWidth, nHeight )Builds a GET control
Image( nTop, nLeft, cFileName, oDlg, nWidth, nHeight )Builds an IMAGE control
Say( nTop, nLeft, cText, oDlg )Builds a SAY control
TextArea( nTop, nLeft, cText, oDlg, nWidth, nHeight )Builds a multiline GET control

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